Of course, this Peiyuan formula still needs to be practiced. He is also a foreign disciple of tianxi To Yue's surprise, the windows of the villa are hung with special silver and black panels, which He winked at the warriors who escorted the emperor. Therefore, he had to eat the Han army before the main force of the Han Dynasty came near. But at this time, this pair of delicate hands sent out the majestic spirit wave, but let everyone fe The Eureka raider, whose body was severely damaged, exploded to open the way for dangerous vagrants. Chen Songling nodded. It seemed that the other party had done his homework. Not far from him, a three meter high mine entrance appeared in the sight of long Aotian. Zuo Li looks at Yue Zhong and is not sure. Ximen Yu's eyebrows suddenly pulled together. After changing his life against the heaven, his Yang Shou is "stolen". No one knows which day his li Two corners of the mouth together smoked two: "worthy of the Edelweiss family..." After solving the tracking rune, Ye Zhen's expression is somewhat depressed. There was no danger in Cohen's smile: "it's not a shady thing. Let's talk about it here. (www.xbiquge.la xinbiquge), high speed full text online reading! In terms of destructive power, the power of purple extinguish pupil fire is stronger than that of pu "What a high mountain. How can we get up there?" Pierre was very happy to see Xiao Ping and opened his arms to give him a hug.

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