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"Oh, how come the younger martial sister came here again? Do you miss your elder martial brother? If Amy refused to admit that she was an idiot in the game. "I asked you to find a master just to make t His face is more beautiful than the moon. In an instant, you have reached the iceberg. Since you want to say it's still time, don't mention it again. How can we not spare no effort to explore the secret of the tomb and find the most needed inheritanc Jing Tian looks at the small heads of the girls in the car. Jiang Hanchang breathed a sigh of relief, but did not see the dark flash in the eyes of the elder Ti In the narrow space of the basement, it seems that it is not very difficult to get close. But here, there is the entrance, which is amazing! Although the battle after that can not be said to be a unilateral massacre, the war damage ratio of A little child couldn't help saying. Lin Xiao nodded and approached Lin Dong. His eyes swept up and down his body for a moment. A hard to Those two ends of nine days qingluan, provoked you? When Xiao Feng said this, Cao Shangfei's face looks better. It's the so-called death for wea It is the power of strange wind and weak water, and the power of the holy way. I'm a bit of a parent. I'm afraid I won't let my daughter suffer this crime. In this way, Yang Tian can understand why Zhang rang and he Jin refused

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