For Tang Yu's previous move, the audience was shocked! No one in the Department of security knows what that strange shaped airtight object is. "Xuantian sect leader, let you know what is the God Emperor!" And the busy crew did not affect Liu Dong at the moment. At the same time, on the edge of the city. Wang Hengyu was relieved to see that Huo Fei was no longer vigilant. With the last golden array Rune vanishing, the fifth layer of nine turn blue light array suddenly br "Sure enough, it's a fox spirit. The voice is so seductive." The success of the rising of the clock ions in the solar palace has filled the solar palace with con This is the yuan Dan that Lin Dong successfully condensed! She also has a witch's mercy... Let the dying people die painlessly, which is her compassion. At the level of poison undead, soul power and spiritual power have almost completely integrated. He Jiangshan turned to curse: "at this critical time, what delicious food to do? You and his all day lo The rumble was faster, faster, and not far from the crowd. Smell speech, everyone is close to taros, stand behind Talos. Qin lie, who is in a state of no thought, is suddenly captured by an unknown force from the zhenhunz Zhou buchen laughs, releases the beauty's hand, drives the red rabbit treasure beast, raises the Hundred you endless out of that piece of iron.

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